Reward Points

Collect reward points when purchasing via our website 

Redeem your points for a cash discount on any order you choose, at checkout put in how many points you would like to use for that order. 

Minimum points to use at any one time is 10.

1 point = 1p 

example 50 points = 50p off

The more you spend the more you get rewarded

Every fabric has a points value, between 1 and 4 points per metre. 

Example Fabric you choose gives you 2 reward points, you buy 2m that's 4 reward points. 

On the rewards section of your online account, you have a specific link you can share with others to earn more points. 

When sharing your personalized link if that person buys from our website within 7 days using your link, they will get £2 off THEIR order and YOU get 150 points added to your account!

PLEASE NOTE: Reward points can ONLY be spent on our website.