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Roses linen look

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Roses Linen Look



Usually contains stretch, can be made of different fibres, including but may not be limited to polyester, rayon, spandex, lycra, elastane, cotton or a mixture. They come in various weights with some being very see through to others that are not. Jersey is a great dress making fabric, but could also be used in crafting, for lining and even drapes.


Ponte AKA Ponte di Roma:

Ponte and Ponte di Roma are double knit fabrics. So generally thicker and heavier than jersey fabrics, most are not see through. The stretch will vary but most tend to be a 4 way stretch. They are usually made of polyester or viscose with elastane/lycra to give the stretch. Ponte is great for structured garments, trousers, jackets and even upholstery.


Scuba / Scuba Crepe:

Double knit fabrics made with polyester and lycra/spandex. It does not fray, usually has stretch and is great for beginners trying out stretch fabrics. Mostly thicker than jersey but can also come in light weight. scuba crepe tends to have a textured surface and scuba more smooth. Great for many garments such as dresses, skirts, jackets, trousers, hoodies and more! Hard wearing but avoid tumble drying and high heat!


Soft shell:

Breathable fabric with a cosy, micro-fleece reverse. Protects against wind, cold and moisture while wicking away body moisture, making it ideal for sports jackets and other outdoor clothing. Soft shell fabric is water-repellent but not durably waterproof. WIll endure a rain shower but not torrential Rain. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: 30-degree gentle wash, iron on a low-medium setting. Line dry, do not tumble dry.


Ribbing / Rib:

Cuff fabric, for the cuffs of your sleeves and waistbands, you can even use on necklines. Great stretch. Ours is usually tubular with a mixture of fibres. When we have cotton rib we will always state cotton on the listing.


Fleece and fleece back Sweatshirt:

Fleece is always polyester. Cotton is a natural fibre and usually blended with other fibres in all types of fabrics. Therefore Fleece back sweatshirt can be cotton but will still have traces of polyester in the fleece.



Our loopback is the state in which the sweatshirt fabric is in, before being brushed to make into fleece back sweatshirt, simply put its lighter than fleece back and has loops on the “wrong side”. However Poly loopback is polyester fabric with loops on the back. Both great for loungewear, joggers, jumpers and more.


Minky / Dimple Fleece:

100% polyester, super soft plush fabric, usually single sided (not soft and snuggly on the back making it easier to sew) and commonly used for baby blankets and toys.


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