We are AWAY from 1st January 2023 until 5th February 2023. Any orders placed during this time will NOT be processed until our return. IF you choose to place an order during this time you will get a FREE gift as a Thank You for supporting our small business. Sophie & Mark.

P.S Use code GIFT between 1st January 2023 and 4th February 2023 for 12% OFF your order  :)

Care instructions

Everything is Sold per metre unless stated otherwise.

Recommended 30C wash 

Avoid tumble drying to prolong the life of your fabrics, air drying is recommended but if you choose to tumble dry, do so on a low/gentle heat. 

Please pre wash ALL fabrics before use, except waterproof fabrics, these we recommend wiping clean. Reasons for prewashing include:

shrinkage (common in natural fibre fabrics such as cotton), also for hygiene reasons (to remove any dust, marks etc). And finally incase of colour run.

Additional information

We don't always get compositions for all our fabrics, the ones we do will be written on descriptions. 

As a discount / clearance fabric store we don't always get the same design / prints / fabrics in regularly. For Regular stock please ask. 

Although we try and photograph every fabric to show true colour, every screen is different and shows colours differently so please allow for slight difference. If unsure or needing a specific colour please message before ordering. 

Please allow up to 10% either way of the metre length. We aim to cut at exactly on the metre. 

We take extra steps and checks to ensure any fabrics containing a high cotton content is stated clearly, such as cotton jersey, 100% cottons, poly cottons etc. Fabrics which do not state cotton are not or have a very low cotton content that it wasn't clear enough for us to advertise it as containing cotton.

Thank you for supporting our small family business.

I want to visit you as I prefer to see and feel Fabrics. How can I do this? And how accessible are you?

We now have a shop you can visit.  7A The Square, Attleborough, Nuneaton CV11 4JY (Above the post office) As we are first floor we are unfortunately NOT accessible for wheelchair users. 

Our opening times are :

Thursday 9am - 4pm = Just come in anytime 

Friday 9am - 4pm = Just come in anytime  

If you cant make these days you are welcome to book an appointment for another day/time. 

How can we charge LESS?

Firstly 95% of our Stock is from UK suppliers, so no need for customs taxes for us to ship in. Instead of us shipping in from overseas ourselves, we buy from and support UK businesses. We mostly buy rolls / bolts of fabric which can lower the cost too, but at times get one off pieces or smaller amounts offered to us as well as deadstock / clearance lines. We are a clearance fabric store, so we don't always get the same fabrics in regularly. 

Please note: Some, not all fabrics we get contain misprints, marks and faults, we make sure we check fabric and note any of these on product descriptions, at times things can be missed. Please contact us if you're unhappy with your order if we've missed a mark. 

What are factory pre-cuts? 

Clothing factories cut fabrics ready to make into garments. However at times they have excess pieces, usually Not complete garments. So we buy these to stop them going to landfill and sell really cheap, it's a great way to get creative or test out new fabrics. So to summarise they are pieces of fabrics. Odd shapes and sizes, different prints and plains, different fabrics eg cotton jersey, Jersey, knit, lycra, scuba etc. Some you can work out what they would have been made into, most you can't. Lots of customers like creating dolls clothes with them, face wipes, small items, tops for themselves etc. It also helps with the environment as it doesn't end up in landfill.

How do I know your fabrics really are Cotton or cotton jersey, because cotton is natural and more expensive?

We take quality control VERY seriously. Even when we are told fabrics are high cotton content, cotton mix, 100% Cotton or cotton jersey, we still do our own tests and checks to ensure accuracy. It is illegal to knowingly advertise products falsely. Which is why we ensure our checks are done. Not only that, we know how important it is to you when choosing fabrics that you know what you're buying. if you ever find a small burn in the corner of your fabric, know that this is one test we do. Any questions please ask, we will be happy to help. 

Can I cancel my order? 

Yes if not dispatched already, but if it has please see returns policy.

My order is urgent, how can I ensure to get it quickly?

For urgent orders, we advise you put in the additional information URGENT and we can prioritize your order. DPD is usually the quickest but we make no guarantees on any courier or royal mails services.

Can you source a specific fabric?

Sometimes, so do drop us a message and we will do our best. But please note. Depending on which supplier that has it, depends on cost. 

Why is my fabric not cut 100% straight?

We use tailoring scissors to cut our fabric. We try our utmost to get the fabric as straight as possible. If it's wonky do check as usually we will cut over the metre so you have 1m from shortest points.

My fabric is not bang on 100cm / 1m in length. Why?

We try our utmost to cut fabrics exactly on 100cm / 1m in length, but we do say allow  upto 10% difference either way. But 99% of our fabrics are cut between 97cm and 105cm. 

Where do you ship to?

Currently we can ship to England

Scotland / Highlands

Northern Ireland



Guernsey / Jersey 

For other areas please message for a personalised quote

Can I add to an order?

When you place an order the shipping / postage costs are worked out by weight. Should you want to add to your order contact us and we will see what we can do. Extra postage may need to be added.

What are your processing times for dispatching an order?

From ordering to us making up your order ready for dispatch can take between 3 & 5 working days, during extremely busy times it may take upto 7 working days.  

My address is wrong what should I do?

If for any reason your address is wrong and you need to change it the quickest way to contact us is through Facebook or Email. Let us know ASAP that your details are incorrect and tell us the correct ones. We usually ship same day or next working day so telling us quickly will stop your parcel from going to the wrong address. 

PLEASE ALWAYS double check your details at the checkout as parcels sent to the wrong address will not be refunded as this is your responsibility. Should we get that parcel returned then we will happily send to your correct address at postage charges covered by you. 

I have a problem with my order what should I do?

On the rare occasion where we have got your order wrong, please contact us within 48hours of receiving so we can rectify this for you. 

I have received a refund but not been contacted first, what should I do?

If we have sent a refund, it will be due to an out-of-stock item. However, we always contact customers via email first to notify you and ask if you would like to choose something else or receive a refund. So please check your emails. Should we not get a response after 5 days we will automatically refund and send. 


Collect reward points when purchasing via our website 

Redeem your points for a cash discount on any order you choose, at checkout put in how many points you would like to use for that order. 

Minimum points to use at any one time is 10.

1 point = 1p 

example 50 points = 50p off

The more you spend the more you get rewarded

Every fabric has a points value, between 1 and 4 points per metre. 

Example Fabric you choose gives you 2 reward points, you buy 2m that's 4 reward points. 

On the rewards section of your online account, you have a specific link you can share with others to earn more points. 

When sharing your personalized link if that person buys from our website within 7 days using your link, they will get £2 off THEIR order and YOU get 150 points added to your account!

PLEASE NOTE: Reward points can ONLY be spent on our website.