Bargain Basement & Clearance

Grab an even bigger bargain in our bargain basement / clearance. NOTE: All these fabrics are non refundable and described as best as possible. Some have faults some do not, please read descriptions. If unsure always contact us first. 

  • Care instructions

    Everything is Sold per metre unless stated otherwise.

    Recommended 30C wash 

    Avoid tumble drying to prolong the life of your fabrics, air drying is recommended but if you choose to tumble dry, do so on a low/gentle heat. 

    Please pre wash ALL fabrics before use, except waterproof fabrics, these we recommend wiping clean. Reasons for prewashing include:

    shrinkage (common in natural fibre fabrics such as cotton), also for hygiene reasons (to remove any dust, marks etc). And finally incase of colour run